Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speaking of Seeds...

I've shared a bit about how memorywork plays into our days here on the Farm. Even before we knew we were going to homeschool, we had Nate memorizing Bible verses. We got him a goldfish when he learned his first 10 verses. First kids get all the perks. All of our other kids, just get a high five or a cookie when they learn a verse, but I digress...

Memorizing anything to music seems to make the task much easier! However, for many years I had a love/hate thing going with the Bible CD's that were made for kids. I knew the had value in terms of content, but they made me crazy. You know the ones I am talking about - one or two adults with syrupy sweet voices, music that sounded pretty much the same in every song, lots of little kids singing in high pitched voices and, although you couldn't see them, you just knew the girls had big hair bows and the boys were wearing sweater vests. Yeah, THOSE CD's drove me nuts. Consequently, (I probably shouldn't admit this lest I lose either my pastor's wife card, my homeschooling mom card or both) we just didn't listen to them.

Enter the Seeds Family Worship CD's! I thought I'd died and gone to a "Kid's Bible Sing Along CD" free heaven. There are 5 CD's in the collection - Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Faith, Vol. 2,Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Praise, Vol. 3,
Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Purpose, Vol. 4, Seeds Family Worship: Power of Encouragement, Vol. 5, Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Courage
. We love them all.

The Seeds CD's are all 100% scripture. There have been many times when the kids have heard a verse in church or elsewhere and I've seen their eyes perk up. They've recognized it from the music. It is so great to see!

The actual music itself is great - appealing to kids AND their parents, even our older kids like it (although they might not fess up to it). There are adult and child voices, but they are good voices, not ones that make me want to climb the walls. The music is varied moving from rock to blues to slower songs. I listen to these CD's on my own in the kitchen and often find the verses running though my head.

These CD's are modern, but because they are all actual scripture, they don't fall into the traps which seem to catch lots of other modern Christian music. It's pretty hard to mess up a song theologically when it's taken straight from the Bible. Also, these songs don't seem to repeat themselves over and over and over and over like many praise songs around these days.

If you are wanting to add some scripture memory to your home or just some good music, I can't recommend Seeds Family Worship enough. You will love them!

(I apologize for the messy links above. I wanted to be able to send you straight to Amazon so you could listen to the CD's, but my blogging skills are...well, poor...and it has taken me FOREVER to get even on the post, let alone looking nice. Thanks for being gracious!)


  1. Have I told you how much I am enjoying reading your blog? The fact that you post notices on facebook allows me to "think about it" and read it where normally I don't intentionally just go read blogs. Your subjects apply to everyday life, (and yes, we might be twins) except that our children are at different stages in life. Keep on writing. I'm reading! (-:

  2. Oh yeah, and we love the Seeds of...CD's. I only have 2 of them (Got them at a Carol Joy Seid conference years ago) but still listen to them often on my Ipod. I actually didn't know there were more. Thanks for the info!