Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

Wendy, Wendy, Lazy Blogger,
How does your garden fare?
With chard, kale, beans and lettuce,
And cucumbers hanging in the air.

(My take on an old nursery you recognize it?)

I haven't been blogging much, but thankfully, the garden has been doing it's thing!  Here are some photos sure to amaze.  Well, they amaze me. can a person NOT be amazed at the miracle of Creation and how things grow?

The whole garden...mid-June.  We thought it was looking great!

Some of the tomatoes in mid-June

Same tomatoes on August 2nd.

My garden buddy, who is over 3 foot tall, next to tomatoes on the right and squash on the left.

Last week, the tallest zucchini I've ever seen!  The fence post is about 4 ft. high.
The cucumbers on August 2nd.  We've never grown them going up before.  I love it!  I'm also proud to say that I made those trellises with the help of Zach, the happiest kid on the planet.  And, yes, I may have planted a few too many cucumbers.  This week all of the plants are now ABOVE the supports.  We've been eating cucumbers every day for over a week.  In the foreground, you see the lettuce and kale bed.
Another shot of the kale,  isn't it gorgeous.  It's a mix of varieties.  We are really enjoying them.  I even made all of my in-laws eat some when the 10 of them invaded our house for a week.

The sweet peas and carrot bed in front, chard and aramanth in the middle, and kale and lettuce in the back.  Again, mid-June.  Over to the right side you can see the bush beans (in the front of the bed) and the pole beans (along the fence) just peaking up from the dirt.

My attempt to add color to the Little Farm.  Ruby Red Chard (on the left), Golden Chard (on the right) and Aramanth in the center.  Considered a weed by some, an ornamental plant by others and a grown as a grain in South America, Aramanth was new to me.  I was mostly going for the ornamental use.  However, being the cheap and adventurous gal that I am, I'm sure I'll be giving the edible grain thing a try, too.  If the human residents of the Farm don't eat it, I'm sure the Gals will.
The Spaghetti Squash are actually growing!  This is a first.  We have never been able to grown many (read 2 or 3 each year) squash.  My helper and I counted 20+ growing inside and (mostly) outside the garden.  In the past week, the big on ealong the ground has grown at least 50% more.  Oh my!

The beans.  Bush in the front, Pole in the back.  We've been eating Bush beans for a week or so now.  The Pole beans are taking their time.

 We've been eating lettuce, sweet peas, chard and kale for weeks now.  The beans, zucchini and cucumbers are starting rolling in just over a week ago along with a few yellow/orange tomatoes.  Hopefully, the tomatoes will get a move on!  They huge and viney and green, but I'd like a few more actual tomatoes on the things.  Time will tell!

So fellow "farmers," how do your gardens grow?