Tuesday, May 25, 2010

200 Eggs

Just in case you didn't notice, I thought I'd point out that we've hit the 200 mark in the Egg Count. Actually, we hit 200 about 3 days ago or so. Our Gals have officially bestowed us with 214 little beauties since March 19th. For you mathy folk, that's 3.24 eggs per day.

The coop has been moved to the field area behind the garden. I believe Farmer Ron's plan is to move it around the field and our fruit trees for at least the next several weeks. We're not sure what these Gals will do to our garden so they may not be given free reign there like the Gals of 2009 were. We like our chickens, but if they tore up our garden it might just be the end of them. The Gals of 2009 - sounds kind-of like the title of a chicken pin-up calendar.

214 eggs sounds like a lot of eggs and it is. However, it still isn't enough to cover our eggs needs here on the Farm. I still get eggs at the grocery store just not nearly as many as before the Gals arrived.

Zach and Ellie, Young'uns #3 and #4, are pretty much the chicken keepers. Farmer Ron cares for them also. But those 2 kiddos do lots of the feeding, most of the egg collecting and all of the chicken chasing if we need it. Abby, the 2 year old, has even gotten into the chicken chasing. According to Zach and Ellie, Abby is getting "pretty good" at it. Not sure exactly what that means, but she sure is proud to tell me about it when she comes in from helping the big kids.

What are the gals eating these days? Lots of bugs and weeds from the field where they wander, some chicken feed from Fleet Farm and some of our veggie and fruit scraps, too. They must be liking the menu because they've fattened up since arriving on the Farm.

These Gals are pretty Eggsellent. Sorry. Couldn't resist!

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