Saturday, May 8, 2010

Deal of the Week - Contentment

As you can see from the photo, oh wait. There isn't any photo of bargains this week because I didn't get any. On Saturdays, I try to post some of the great deals I've gotten during the week, but not this week. That's right, I didn't use one single solitary coupon at a grocery store this week. In fact, the only food I've brought into our house since last weekend is 4 gallons of milk.

We had plenty stocked up and, to be honest, I was just tired. I enjoy the thrill of the bargain hunt and the prices are a huge boon to our budget, but sometimes enough is enough. That's where I've been this past week - resting. Not resting from everything, just from sales fliers and coupons and stores.

It's been a good exercise and, of course, has gotten me thinking.

What would happen if we tried to not set foot in a store, except to buy some milk and produce, for two weeks? Or three? Could I get creative enough to stretch out all that we have? This type of creativity was a way of life for families in the past. Think about the stories you've heard regarding how people managed during the Great Depression. Could we do that?

When I made the decision to not go grocery shopping this week and just use what we had on hand, my life actually got simpler. Yes, I had to do use this old brain to come up with a menu from what was in our "store," but I didn't have to tax my noggin with making lists and juggling my schedule to fit in shopping. Then there is the time I saved because I wasn't shopping. I had at least a few hours to use for something else. (Not sure what I did with them, to be honest, but I know there were there.)

Finally, choosing to make do with what we had on hand forced me to accept that what I had was what I had. There were no other options. The items on the shelves and in the fridge and freezer were it. Oddly, this whole thought was very freeing. All of the possibilities outside of what was within my sphere were gone. I couldn't see a recipe in a magazine and think, "Oh my! That looks delicious maybe would should have that for dinner tomorrow" and then run out to find the ingredients. My only focus was on doing my very best with what I'd been given. Can you see what I mean about feeling free?

Freeing isn't actually the right word. I think the word content works better. Can you see what I mean about feeling content? I made the decision to be content with the food and such that we had on hand and, in the process, could rest for a bit.


What if I stopped flailing around after all the things which pull at my eyes, my mind and my heart and just decide (and it IS a decision) that what I've got is what I've got? What could I do with all the time and energy this would save me? What would happen if I decided to be content?

Rest...I might just find rest...and blessed peace.


  1. Wow! This is such a beautiful post.

    I love the idea you came up with...contentment. Content with what we have instead of always wanting more. That is the key to living the good life. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Great post! Glad you enjoyed a "spend free" week!