Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy No Pants Day!

Yes, today is officially No Pants Day. Who knew? It seems the first Friday in May is traditionally celebrated as No Pants Day.

I think I've lived a sheltered life because this is a new one for me. This holiday seems a bit odd. How does one decide to declare No Pants Day? What's the thought behind (pun intended) the whole thing? Are there any underlying (yep, again, intended) philosophies that I am missing?

No one on the Farm seems to be celebrating No Pants Day except for the smallest Young'un. She would love to celebrate today's holiday every day of the year. We're working on this...

I wasn't planning on running out for anything today, but now that I know about No Pants Day, I might just have to change my mind. Could be interesting to see if anyone is celebrating around town.

Just a short post today...I'm keeping it brief (just had to do it one more time).

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