Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out!

Whew! It's done. The Jung Academy of...well, we don't actually have a school name. I've meant to make one up but just never got around to it.

Despite our lack of a name, we're still done with school for the year. As of today everyone has moved up a grade and we've now have an 11th, 8th, 5th and 2nd grader enrolled in our homeschool. Oh yes, plus the pre-pre-schooler who thinks she's 12. The teacher (that's me) called the school year. It feels good.

Lest you think we run a less-than-tight ship around here, I should tell you that the teacher cleared the end of school date with the school administrator. He's a great guy and very supportive of the teacher. Teacher in-service days and/or evenings with the administrator are awesome! (wink)

Sadly for my students, we won't be having a completely school free summer. Here at the Jung Academy of ...whatever...we continue to do "school light" over the traditional summer break. We tried a school free summer once many years back and we ended up with mad/frustrated students. The students were frustrated because they'd forgotten some of what they'd learned the previous spring and had to go BACK in their books.

Also, doing a bit of school in the summer cures the "I'm bored" thing which seems to creep in from time to time. It allows us to take Snow Days or Grandparent Visit Days or It's too Nice Outside to Do School Days or the ever popular Teacher Doesn't Feel Like Teaching Days from time to time during the regular school year. Doing a bit in the summer gives us some added flexibility. It's a good thing.

How about your homeschool? Do you do school in the summer? If you don't homeschool - do your kids do "school" stuff over their vacation?


  1. We don't even think about school during the summer!

  2. Love this post, Wendy - wonderfully wry, just like you. :^) We finished up on May 14 and are now finishing our two-week "full break" before jumping into "school light" on Tuesday. That's a roughly six-week session, followed by a week of VBC, a week at Lake Lundgren, and then just a week to be lazy around here. The next school year starts on August 2.

  3. We are just a few days away from finishing our first year of homeschooling. For the summer we will probably school lightly. Giving my kids 11 weeks of no academics just doesn't fit right--for us. Too much TV, too much non-structure doesn't make for an obedient, submissive, orderly home. So, we'll have story time and learning time in addition to water park day, zoo day, dig in the dirt day, art day, pajama day, crazy hair day, play at the park day, and whatever-mommy-feels-like day. I currently have no clue what the light summer plan looks like really, but it will include academics for sure.

  4. We're wrapping up too. We don't do every subject over the summer but we never really stop reading and math. Too much is forgotten over the summer. Even Roz (who went to public school) did some summer work for me at home. I think it really gave her an advantage come fall! She wasn't to crazy about it at the time though. :) Even I could benefit for some math drills! Maybe I'll take a few turns on the Math Shark. :)

  5. Nancy - I'd love to do you summer style, but it just doesn't work with my little people.

    Tina - August 2nd??? We're still in summer mode and just starting football at that date. I'd have a full scale rebellion on my hands if started school then. :)

    Melissa and Shelly - we think along the same lines. "Too much TV, too much non-structure doesn't make for an obedient, submissive, orderly home," said Melissa. - This is my biggest reason for keeping at school a little bit!