Saturday, May 15, 2010

Deal of the Week

I did a bit of shopping this week, not any huge-fill-up-the-entire cart kind-of trips. Just needed to fill in a few holes in the fridge and I also took advantage of a couple of deals. What can I say? I am a sucker for cheap diapers.

Most of the food I bought came from Aldi and Sam's Club. Aldi doesn't usually have any sales - their prices are always just low. Every so often however, they have an item or two reduced. I didn't score any reductions there this week. Just bought staples like butter and apples and tortilla chips (Did I just call chips a staple?) As Sam's I found a few great reduced items, yummy gnocchi for only $2.18 per three pack and spiral sliced ham for $1.50 per lb. I bought enough gnocchi to last through the summer (6 boxes) and the ham will feed us at least 3 meals.

The really good deals came from CVS this week! Here's what I got:

2 packs of Huggies
2 boxes of "Mom stuff"
10 cans of tuna
2 tubes of Crest
1 pack of Mentos gum
1 bottle of garlic powder
2 deodorants

The total for all of this before coupons was $46.82. After coupons and Extra Care Bucks (CVS coupons), I paid $13.45. But wait...there's more! I used a $10.00 prepaid Visa card I received in the mail this week from a rebate I had sent I only spent $3.45 of my own cash. I also received a total of $11.00 in Extra Care Bucks to spend in the future. They paid me $7.15 cents to shop at their store! It was a good week.

The Young'uns were quick on the unloading the car and putting groceries away this week, so I didn't get a photo. Maybe next time.

By the way, should I be worried that every time I come into the house with grocery bags, my 2 year old climbs up next to the kitchen table where I usually set things to take a photo and says, "Take my picture too!" Hmmmm....

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