Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Try Not to Forget

We try to always be memorizing something around the Farm - scripture, poetry, lyrics to hymns, lists of prepositions, where the dirty clothes go - it is all a possibility. I keep a 3 ring binder of the things different kids have memorized so that I can recycle it amongst the others. It is such fun to hear lots of our family reciting something in unision.

Memorizing scripture is, of course, important! However, we've found that hymns and even silly poems are great and fun ways to stretch our brains, too. Memorizing helps increase vocabulary and gives kids a greater understanding of how words fit together. Besides, think of all the useless stuff that gets put into littles ones brains all day. I have no scientific study to back me up, I like to think putting in good stuff helps to crowd out the bad.

It also keeps my old brain going. I'm amazed at what I've learned along with them.

I thought I'd share one of my favorite poems that our youngest kids memorize. Ellie is currently working on it.

Our Home

by Dorothy Brown Thompson

Our house is small -
The lawn and all
Can scarely hold the flowers,
Yet every bit,
The whole of it,
Is precious, for it's ours!

From door to door,
From roof to floor,
From wall to wall we love it;
We wouldn't change
For something strange
One shabby corner of it!

The space complete
In cubic feet
From cellar floor to rafter
Just measures right,
And not too tight,
For us, and friends and laughter!

I love this poem! Our house isn't shabby - well, we try keep it from being so. It isn't the nicest or largest house. However, it is "precious, for it's ours!" From the uneven walls to the floors upon which spills take off in odd directions, it is full of lovely memories of family and friends. Who knew when we came to look at it in 1998 that God had prepared it just for us and our family? We've sought to use it for His glory and our favorite times are when it is full of those we love, but I digresss...

Even if you don't have kids at home for school during the day or all your kids are grown, find something to memorize...and don't forget it!

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  1. I love memorizing stuff. I still remember the preposition song from 7th grade. :) It is done to the tune of Yankee Doodle- cracks Brandon up every time, but I am going to teach it to him when he starts doing prepositions. Hope you're well! :) Stacey