Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something for Nothing

Search & Win

This past Tuesday a package from Amazon arrived on our front porch. Always an exciting event! The particular package contained a CLEP study book for our oldest, Nathan. Not as exciting for him, but we're hoping he'll see the benefit in the future.

I've always loved getting deliveries from Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter). What fun to see the man in the blue (or brown) uniform drive up and deposit a brown cardboard parcel on our porch. Half of the time, he doesn't make it to the porch. Someone always runs out to meet him.

However, in the last two years getting packages from Amazon has become so much better. Why? Because most of the items arriving haven't cost us a cent! They've been free!

Have I found some magic Amazon fairy that grants me all my wishes? Nope. If that were the case, the gigantic 6 qt Kitchen Aid 600 Professional Mixer in kitchen pearl color would be sitting on my counter as I type. Not that I've looked at them...much.

No, I didn't find some magical wish granter. I found Swagbucks which is almost at good.

Swagbucks is a site, a toolbar, a miracle. I earn Swagbucks by doing my usual internet searching via Swagbucks. I don't earn Swagbucks on every search, but at least a couple times each day, I'll enter a search word like "dog puke upholstery cleaning" and up pops a box that says I've won 10 or 20 or even 50 Swagbucks.

These little beauties are kept in my Swagbucks account until I reach 450 Swagbucks. Then I go to the Swagstore and claim my $5.00 gift card. I save those babies up until I get at least $25.00 and then go shopping at I could go shopping before I get $25.00, but then I'd have to pay shipping. Who wants to do that?

I've also "bought" a few other things from the Swagstore - Starbucks gift cards, Barnes and Noble gift cards. The Big Guy and I have had a few cheap dates this way.

If you click on this link or on the Swagbucks icon on my sidebar, I'll get some extra Swagbucks in my account. Just so you know, I'd tell you about all of this even if I didn't though. I love helping people get free things!

You might want to give Swagbucks a try...I mean you don't have to but wouldn't you love to get something for nothing?

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