Sunday, March 14, 2010

Neglected Blessings

Here is a portion of one of the corporate prayers from church this morning:

we confess that we have failed to admit that we have sinned against You in
our thoughts, words and deeds. We have denied our faults to You, to our neighbors and even to ourselves. We have wandered away from Your will and rule; we have taken Your blessings for granted. For Jesus' sake forgive us, renew in us a desire to please You, and restore us to the path You would have us take in our life's

Different things strike me on different days. Do you see the part that got me today?

We were confessing the fact that we had taken for granted blessings in our lives given to us by God. We were saying "sorry" for not having hearts full of gratitude. Ouch.

I don't really need to confess that, do I?

While washing up the lunch dishes after church, I started feeling grumbly as everyone else had scattered and I was left to do the work alone...again. But wait, the fact that I was washing dishes meant that we had just eaten food and not gone hungry. The fact that I was washing seven plates and not just one meant that God had blessed me with a husband and five children. The fact that I was turning on the faucet to fill the sink meant that I have a home...with running water none the less. Such blessings and I was missing them all.

I have taken your blessings for granted.

I confess my sin Lord. Thank you for your grace and mercy.

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