Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Chickens are Coming

Big News on the Farm!

Farmer Ron is getting some more "gals" tomorrow and everyone around the Farm is excited. OK, I admit it, I might be a bit less excited than everyone else. Farmer Ron really loves his chicken. Could I be jealous of the competition?

Instead of getting day old chicks like last year, we're getting 8 month old laying hens. The hope is that after a few weeks of getting used to their new digs, the ladies will be laying an egg a day.

We're sacrificing the cute and fluffy weeks of babies for the immediate gratification of eggs. The baby chicks we got last May were cute and it was fun to watch them grow, but we didn't start getting eggs until August. Besides, the teenage chicken weeks we rather awkward and we don't need to revisit that.

Where did Farmer Ron's gals from last year go you might ask. Well, after serving us well for four months, they our freezer.


  1. And to feed the dog? Poor, Ron!

  2. I wasn't going to mention that part of the whole chicken thing, Lis. :)