Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Gals Out Back

The chickens have made themselves at home in the backyard. We've gotten at least 3 eggs per days since they arrived which we find very impressive. They seem to have settled in quite quickly. Let me just say...the lay some pretty tasty eggs.

There hasn't been much Chicken Chasing PE happening since last week. So, I guess they've decided to stay. Really truly, they are living in a coop in our backyard. They run out of their coop and around the swing set. If I think about this too much is gets me a bit nervous. The line between red neck and urban farmer (smile) seems so thin at times...

The photos only show a tiny bit of the yard because, well, it is a mess right now. Rather embarrassing. We haven't done the after-winter-clean-up yet. The chickens and the young'uns don't mind however. Can you see the littlest farm hand's boots in the background near the sandbox?

This weekend the gals and their coop will be moved to the garden for a while from what Farmer Ron tells me. They can scratch around in there for a bit and eat all the little weeds and weed seeds. We're lazy gardeners!

Ah yes, I need your help because I know you are much smarter than I... I want an egg counter widget! It would be such fun to put some sort of a little counter widget thingy on my blog so that I can keep track of all the eggs we get. However, after spending more than I had to waste, looking for one online, I have come up empty. Any suggestions? The person who can find one will get a free Little Farm in the City omelet! Transportation is NOT included if you live a ways away.


  1. looks like a place where you can make a widget to add to your blog, may have to play around there for a bit.

  2. You've probably already solved your widget problem, but I just wanted to throw out there that I keep a spot on my sidebar for my THINK GREEN - MAKE MONEY recycling earnings. I just have a photo of the kids there with a running tally of the money they've made off cans and bottles. I have to go into "customize" on my blog, though, to update it, so it's probably not as snazzy as a widge-macallit.