Friday, March 19, 2010

It's All in the Eye of the Beholder

It is road construction season here. Yes, that is an actual season in places where it snows and is very cold for major portions of the year. Consequently, one of the major roads in our area is torn up and has changed 4 lanes to 2. I will be avoiding this area at all costs for the entire "season."

However, I did take a drive down it this week. I had the three youngest riding along with me and, since I've been a Mom for 15 years now, I know that a good construction site is a pretty cool thing to look at. Besides, we knew what the before of that street looked like, we needed to see the during and so we can appreciate the after. The weather was warm so we had the Suburban windows rolled down and could view the construction close up and even get some dust in the car. It was all very exciting!

Abby, the 2 year old, yelled a variety of greetings at all of the construction workers all along the mile or more, even at stop lights. She got quite a few smiles when they could hear her over the back hoes. She can yell really loudly.

Zach, the 9 year old, kept up a running litany of the various machinery we passed and he knows his machines. He was also amazed at the large variety of concrete and metal pipes those workers are planning to put under the street. Zach is pretty sure that just a couple of those huge ones could make the best fort ever.

It was Ellie, the 6 year old, who had the best comment of the trip. She had been pretty quiet - just taking it all in. When suddenly she yelled, "Look! Look! There is an outhouse! Can you believe it? An outhouse in the middle of the street!"

Just struck me as funny...

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