Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Newest Farm Residents

They are here! After a few miscommunications with the chicken guy, the gals arrived yesterday morning. They went straight into the coop and seemed to be right at home.

Within 10 minutes of their arrival, our youngest four had each claimed and named a chicken. We now have ZZ (because she looks like a Zebra), Marshmallow, Mrs. Chicken and Uno living in our back yard. The kids know that eventually they'll end up in the freezer. They've seen Annie and Snickers, two of last year's ladies, in their chilly new home over the fridge.

They'll stay in their coop for a few days until they get used to the new place. Then we'll let them range around the back yard. We'll also move them into the garden some days so they can scrounge for some leftovers from last year and eat the weed seeds. Less weeding this year! While picking around the garden, they'll also lay down some great fertilizer.

Farmer Ron is very happy. The young'uns all seem to think everything is now right again on the farm. Life is good. Plus, we got four fresh eggs yesterday. Very good!

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