Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Foamy Soap - My Love

I love foamy hand soap! Ellie, my 6 year old, loves foamy hand soap, too. We seriously get excited when we are in public restrooms and we push the button on the soap container and foamy soap comes squirting out. It makes us smile and giggle. There is just something fun and soothing about it. Maybe we're just a bit odd that way...

"Could we get foamy hand soap for home?", Elle Belle asked me one day. I told her I'd start looking. I found some...it seemed a bit pricey, especially when I usually got our hand soap for free or pennies at Walgreens or CVS. I bought some lemon foamy soap at Bath and Body Works with a gift card I received. We were in heaven.

Then it ran out.

I tried filling the lemony foamy soap container with regular antibacterial soap from the big jug we had under the sink. The soap came out...sort-of, but it wasn't foamy at all. That was a dud idea.

I got to thinking about what the lemony foamy soap liquid looked like before we used it all. It was pretty watery.


I poured some of the regular soap I had put in out of the foamy soap container (about 3/4 of it) and filled it up with water. Shook it gently. Put the lid on and then...the moment of truth...foamy hand soap came squirting out. I called Ellie. She tried it. We laughed and giggled.

Here's the bonus - doing it this way will make the big jug of antibacterial soap that I got for about 50 cents from Walgreens last MUCH longer.

Foamy hand soap in our home and it will save some money. Oh my stars!
(The photo isn't foamy hand soap, but it sure is pretty. It is actually a shot of the Essential Lavendar Bar from Bug Stuff - a great little company that sells handmade soaps and such. Bug Stuff is run by one of the sweetest homeschooled gals you'll ever meet! I like using it in the shower.)


  1. This is a great tip!! We do this too! (I tell you we ARE long lost twins!)

    Due to sensitive skin, I don't use antibacterial soap, but you can use ANY liquid soap, shampoo, or body wash. I put baby shampoo in the boys bathroom... gentle and I LOVE the smell. The fruit smelling shampoo or body wash is nice too!

    I put in just enough to cover the bottom of the dispenser then fill it up with water.

  2. Shelly, we could be twins, but there is one big difference. I am SURE that your house is much cleaner and neater than mine. I've seen the photos. So, maybe I am just the messy twin.

    Great ideas about using different kinds of soap! I'll have to give those a try!