Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PE on the Farm

How's this for a new take on PE for homeschoolers?

Chicken chasing!

We've had the gals for almost a week and they are not quite sure they want to stay in our backyard. Plus, they are 8 months old and can sort of fly. I mean they aren't going to flap their wings and join the geese flying northward overhead, but they can get from the ground to the top of our 4 ft. fence with no problem.

And if they can get to the top of the fence...

Thus, the new PE class here on the farm was born.

It is very entertaining to see the kids outside with their frog catching nets and sticks and whatnot, running around chasing chickens. It is an even better show to see Farmer Ron doing it.

Personally, I don't chase chickens if it can be helped. I'm the teacher. Someone has to watch the class and grade their performance.

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