Sunday, March 7, 2010

Butter Me Up

Good deals make me happy because they allow me to keep our grocery budget in check and use what God has given us wisely. So, if I find a good deal, I'll pass it along.

This one is for folks who live around a Kwik Trip store.

Until the end of March, Kwik Trip is selling a lb. of butter for only $1.49! That is about .50 per pound cheaper than I've seen elsewhere in the past few months.

So stock up now! Butter freezes just fine. If your family uses 5 lbs. of butter a month, you'll be saving $2.50 which doesn't seem like much but it adds up!

While you are there...check out the milk in a bag. I know it sounds crazy, but they sell milk in half gallon bags. A half gallon of skim is currently .99 per bag or $1.98 per gallon. This is a great price! Also, if you buy milk there. ask for a milk punch card. For every half gallon you buy, you'll get a punch. 20 punches equals $1.00 off your next milk purchase. This means you're getting .05 off every half gallon you buy. You'll need to pick up one of their free milk pitchers for your milk while you are there also.

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  1. Great deal in an unexpected place! Would you mind if I posted this to GB Savers?