Thursday, April 1, 2010


Things are sprouting around Little Farm in the City! It's so exciting! Spring is here. Hope is abounding, especially during this Holy Week.

We've got our little mini-greenhouse going in the basement. Ok, that sentence makes it sound a bit more elaborate than it actually is... We've got a card table set up in the basement under a grow light. On the table are three trays of dirt with seeds planted in each little compartment of the trays. One of the trays has Tollies Sweet Peppers which we planted over a week ago. We've already got 4-5 pepper plants poking their little green heads out. The other trays are full of Listada de Gandia, Amish Paste, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 55, and Gold Medal.

Farmer Ron also rigged up some great looking frames for a couple of our garden plots. These are new to us this year. He used PVC pipe and screws. They will be covered with plastic by the weekend. I think they look like little covered wagon tops. Very cute! The idea is to leave them up for a couple of weeks or so to get the ground underneath nice and warm and unfrozen (yes, only 5 or so inches down we've got frozen ground still). Doing this means we can plant a few things like sugar snap peas and salad greens SOON! Fresh veggies here we come.

(Please remind me of my excitement now this coming September when I am sure you'll find me writing post about how tired I am of canning all these fresh veggies!)

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