Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Garage Sale in Progress

I wish you could have seen our garage, driveway and yard at 8am this morning!  It was packed to gills.  Seven families have brought over their "rummage" for the sale.

Now, just 3 hours later - I am flabbergasted at how much is gone.  Amazing!

We'll keep you posted on how it all ends up.  Rummage sales are always a tricky - sometimes it seems they are a bunch of work for $5.00 of profit and other times it is a bunch of work for $500.00.  I've held several sales here on the farm and we have done pretty well. 

It seems this current sale is off to a wonderful start...

No one has asked to buy the chickens, although they did take one lady by surprise when she looked in our back yard.

1 comment:

  1. Great news!! I hope you don't have to bring anything back into the house!! I hope this means the GBAMOM Rummage sale will go well this weekend too! It's the main fundraiser for our group.