Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Paid to Shop

I love getting paid to go shopping! I mean, really, does it get any better than that?

This week I did some shopping at Copps (a local grocery store), Walgreens and Target. All told I spent about $31.00. However, those three envelopes in the photo contain rebate forms for some of the items I bought. In a few weeks, I'll be getting checks and a gift card back for $19.50! So, it's like I only spent $11.50!

At Copps (in two transactions and with double coupons on both):
2 tubs Pampers wipes
1 package Pampers diapers
2 package Luv's diapers
4 cans of frozen juice (We never get these! They are hidden. The apple juice is to make granola.)
9 lbs pork roast for some yummy dinners
2 gallons milk
3 boxes of pasta
7 cans of tomatoes (The ones I canned are all gone. This won't happen next year!)
A few other things I can't remember

At Target:
2 bottles of Seventh Generation dish soap
1 spray bottle of Seventh Generation cleaning spray

At Walgreens:
1 box "Mom" stuff, you know what I mean (that's what we call it around here)
3 2 packs of Pilot Frixion pens
1 big jar of peanuts (a staple snack around the farm)
2 bottles of dish soap

From my Copps shopping, I am getting back a $10.00 Mastercard card to spend wherever I'd like. This rebate is for buying $25.00 worth of Proctor and Gamble products in one purchase. My Target trip is earning me back a $5.00 check from a Seventh Generation rebate (I only spent about $4.75 there.) Walgreens was the best this week. I spent .58 for all those pens (after the sale price and coupon from Walgreens) and the rebate from them is going to be a $4.50 check.

You can do these rebates, too! I tried to find a link for the Proctor and Gamble rebate, but couldn't. I saw it online here and got the form for it in a tearpad at the store. Just check out the links and you can get paid to shop like me!


  1. I really like all these suggestions. And the websites. I teach a monthly class where they like me to bring in new websites that help them save money. (Everybody there is between jobs.) Would you mind if I mention your blog?
    In case I haven't told you lately, you and Ron are very dear to me.

  2. thanks for the rebate and coupon info! I sure do <3 copps on double coupon day!!

  3. I did the pen rebate at Walgreens too- I was excited to make nearly $4 on that deal!

  4. Just a heads up...there may be 1.00 off 1 item coupons for Seventh Generation products in the paper inserts tomorrow. They would help with the rebate deal!

  5. Mary Jo - share away! You're dear to us too. I think of you every time I visit the ____room. :)

  6. Here's another website for you Mary Jo...

    I've contributed a post or two there, but most of it is by a gal from our homeschool group. She might just be the most organized person I know.

  7. Scratch that website above...

    it is


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