Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ebates = Extra Cash

We don't do a ton of online shopping because, truth be told, we have yet to find an online thrift store and I find most store's clearance prices to be better than what I can online.

However, when I do shop online, I shop through Ebates, if at all possible.

Ebates is a great site that collects online coupons codes from MANY of different online retailers and puts them all together in one easy to use location. In addition to this, almost of all of the retailers who are affiliated Ebates will deposit a percentage of your purchase at their store into your Ebates account. Each quarter, Ebates will send you the balance of your account with them in a Big Fat Check (that's what they call them).

All you have to do is sign up with Ebates, find a store you need to shop at and click on it on the Ebates website. You'll see any coupons available and Ebates will redirect you to the store's site automatically. Ebates does the tracking of your purchase so they know how much to deposit into your account. You just have to enjoy whatever it was you purchased and wait for your Big Fat Check to arrive.

It's so easy! In the past year, our Big Fat Checks have totaled about $100.00. Not a ton of money, but we were glad to get it none the less. We've gone through Ebates to purchase plane tickets, clothes from Land's End, ink cartridges (the company gives us a 16% rebate on our purchase) and more.

Give Ebates a look and see what you think! If you're going to buy something online, you might as well get a rebate on it.

I almost forgot - Ebates will automatically give you $5.00 in your account when you sign up! Free money!

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