Saturday, April 10, 2010

Verse of the Week

I'm challenging myself to put more Scripture to memory. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but never quite get around to actually doing. Isn't that sad? I've procrastinated memorizing the Holy Scriptures like I procrastinate doing the dishes or starting a load of laundry. Well, it's time to get off the couch...

I'm going to attempt to memorize at least a few verses each week. Part of my previous procrastination had to do with coming up with what I should be memorizing. I mean the Bible is a pretty big book, full of lots of verses, where should I start with my memorizing? Isn't it silly? I let the process of deciding what I should be doing get in the way of actually doing it like when I think I can't open our home to others because I don't have it all perfectly decorated and in order. Sigh...

That's all over now. I'm just going to do it.

I'll get my weekly verse(s) from one of the texts assigned to the current Sunday in the Revised Common Lectionary. The Lectionary is a list of readings/texts that are meant to be used in church services for every Sunday of the year. They follow the church year, ie. Easter, Pentecost, Advent, and so on. I didn't grow up in a church that followed the lectionary or did much with the church year. Did you know that Christmas doesn't actually start until Christmas Day and that it lasts for twelve days? The song "Twelve Days of Christmas" makes a lot more sense now. But I digress...

I've learned to appreciate all of this as I've gotten older and the Big Guy has worked on me.

So, this week I am going to memorize Psalm 150.
Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty firmament!
Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his surpassing greatness!
Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp!
Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with stringand pipe!
Praise him with clanging cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!
Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

It is a bit scary to be throwing this "out there," but maybe having the world know my goal will keep me a bit more accountable.

I'd love some company in my challenge. So, what do you think? Are you up for memorizing a verse or more each week?

The link is to the Revised Common Lectionary site put out by Vanderbilt Divinity Library. It is a great resource. We are currently in Year C of the Lectionary which is divided into three years which means you'd hit most of the Bible over the course of those three years. You can find the texts for each week. Each week also has a great photo of some wonderful art that relates to one of the texts of the themes of the week. Give it a look!

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  1. Spectacular! Just wonderful. Great idea. I'm listening, reading, meditating, and studying, but I'm not actively executing a plan to memorize at this point. And I know I should. Themes, concepts, ideas, and reoccurring patterns are front on my mind when it comes to God's Word. But, nothing compares to memorization. Great word. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the great work. Update us on your progress. Hugs, m