Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100 Eggs!

We've done it! Well, I guess I should say THEY'VE done it. The Gals have laid over 100 eggs in just about a month. They moved in March 19th and got right to work. In addition to the eggs they've been giving us, they've done a great job eating a bunch of the weeds growing in our backyard. They've also been weeding and fertilizing our garden.

Their only downfall - they scratched up the peas we put into the garden. Despite Farmer Ron's best efforts at chicken proofing the pea patch, they had the pea seeds for lunch.

Meanwhile, we've been eating eggs with yolks the color of oranges. Yum!

You can keep up on the how hard the Gals have been working by watching The Egg Count on the sidebar.

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