Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here Come the Greens

Isn't this pretty?

Remember those greens we planted a while back that I've been salivating over? Well, they're ready and we've had salad every day this week. Not just any old salad mind you...really really delicious salad. We've been harvesting a little bit of each lettuce - red, romaine, green leaf, the mesculin mix (VERY spicy), arugula, and spinach. They are amazing!

Farmer Ron has saved some garden space and will do another planting of these yummy little things in the upcoming weeks. This way, when our current plants are all done in, we'll have new greens growing and ready to devour.

I'm figuring we spent about $10.00 on the seeds for these plants. A tub of the same sort of organic greens runs about $4.00 at Sam's Club. We've probably eaten the equivalent of 1.5 tubs of greens so far... I think we'll come out on the plus side of this one economically speaking.

Lettuces and such are probably about the easiest thing to grow! If you don't have a big garden space, you could plant them in rows along the front of your flower beds. They aren't just amazingly tasty - they're good looking too!

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