Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got My Eye On You

Kids say the darnedest...I mean the most convicting...things.

My 6 year old daughter was helping me make dinner last night. I wasn't thrilled about it because, while I know such times together are to be treasured and that cooking is a great skill for her to learn and that having her learn to cook is actually good for my future, sometimes I just want to be by myself in the kitchen. Heck, sometimes I just want to be by myself somewhere anywhere for just a little portion of everyday. Well, I guess I am if you count the alone time I usually have while using the facilities...but I am not so sure that counts.

Anyway, Ellie was learning the fine art of making pancakes from scratch. She was happily singing while waiting to flip the cakes over. She has mastered measuring and mixing, but pancake flipping is a new skill for her and she was really excited about it!

In the midst of her flipping bliss she said with a big sigh, "It's so good for a girl like me to have a Mom who I can watch all the time to learn stuff from."


My sour mood and grudging attitude smacked me upside the head and it was my turn to heave a big sigh.

It's true. She (and the other 4 Young'uns) are watching all the time. I know this, but oh how convicting it was to hear those words come out of my 6 year old's sweet little mouth.

All the time, they are watching (and listening) as I tromp down the stairs carrying the laundry or say something a bit like gossip while on the phone to a friend or clean up the kitchen almost all the way or comment on the rude person at the store. They are always watching what I do.

Conversely, all eye are also on what I DON'T do. They see (and hear) me plunk down in front of the computer instead of spending time with them or yell at their sibling because I am too lazy to get up and deal with the issue at hand.

What a lot of pressure - all this watching! My kids are watching me to see how a life lived to the glory of God should be lived. They are watching the good - like pancake flipping- and the bad. How wonderful for them to see us deal with our not only our successes failures and sin! What an awesome responsibility and privilege!

So, Moms and Dads - take heart! Don't let all the eyes on you get discouraging.

Let's turn our eyes towards Christ and his example and remember, "I can do all things for Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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