Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farm Report: What A Difference A Few Weeks Make

It is truly a miracle what a few weeks of sun, warmth and rain can do!  God is good.  The garden has taken off and is looking great.

I'll give you a little tour...

Here are the snap peas this morning.  The crazy plants on either side of the trellis are blue potato plants.  Who knew they'd get so big? 

Here's what the snap peas looked like on May 27th.  You can't even see the tops of the trellis in this shot.

Here's a snap pea.  The littlest Young'un has been eating copious amounts of snap peas straight off the vines.  If she's outside and we can't find her (not that a situation like this would ever occur), we just have to look in the garden.  She's in amongst the peas.

The lettuce bed is looking a bit bedraggled.  We've eaten TONS and there's still more to pick.  The plants regrow if you cut off the lettuce instead of plucking out the whole thing.

One of a several plantings of beans.  Carrots are coming in my little lines along the front of the plot.

Same beans on May 27th.

Tomato "walls" growing.  We're giving something new a shot.  Tomatoes are actually vines which is why they seem to climb right out of those wire tomato cages we usually stick them into.  String has been tied around the wooden posts on either side of the plot and the tomatoes will climb up the string.  If it works, picking tomatoes will be a GREAT deal easier!  There also also eggplant and peppers in this plot.

Another tomato wall.  Some seeds have been planted in the empty middle of this plot, but I'm not sure what they are.  Farmer Ron did the planting.  Nasturtiums have the small plants in the foreground.  Did you know Nasturtium leaves are edible and pretty yummy in salads?

A row of sunflowers next to the fence and tomato (not in walls) in the front.  There are also some pole beans next to the fence way at the end.

Here is a list of what's in the ground as of today:
tomatoes - 35 or so plants
peppers - green, red, purple, jalapenos
beans - bush and pole
snap peas
swiss chard
soy beans

Happy Growing!


  1. Your garden looks wonderful! So neat and orderly. Mine is more like semi-controlled chaos. :-) I've got free-range herbs and flowers that pop up all over the place, which I use for various teas, herbal remedies and such, so often I just plant around them. It's messy but fun.

    What do you do with your tomatillos? I've grown them in the past (and had intended to this year but accidentally gave my plants away with a group of tomato seedlings - whoops). I tried a couple of recipes, but wasn't thrilled with the flavor on any of them.

  2. Matt - we don't have a night vision cam on our garden. We're jealous of you! :)

    Laurie - we've got "volunteer" plants growing everywhere. :) Tomatillos - this is our first year so I am not sure what I'll do with them either. I am going to try canning some green salsa for sure. I'll keep you posted.