Monday, June 28, 2010

Frivolous Friday - Dad Life

Depending on how you look at things, this post can either be late from last Friday or early for this Friday.  I'm thinking of it as early, because, well, the more kids we've had it seems I rarely manage to get something done early.

I love the Big Guy more than words can say.  He is truly a gift to myself and the Young'uns.  Earlier today, he sent me a link to this video called, "Dad Life."  It is hilarious and if you watch it, you'll recognize lots of Dads or parts of lots of Dad you know.

Dad Life from Church on the Move.

After I finished laughing, I went into the kitchen do some cooking and got to thinking about the video and the Big Guy. I know the Big Guy likes mowing the lawn and taking his "entourage" to the park or swimming pool. He'll even admit to enjoying a good DVD aimed at the younger set. But I am sure there are many days when he is left thinking, "Isn't there a bit more? Something a tad more adventurous?"

Often Moms (including me) feel like we're the ones who have it the toughest - the kids, the work, the food, the cleaning, etc. etc. etc. Even if Dads are helpful (and the Big Guy is), we still feel end up feeling so put upon for some reason. But what about the Dads?

Surely, the kids, the work, the food, the cleaning, etc. etc. etc. starts to wear on them as well. Not to mention the less than content and happy wife... A guy's got to want a break.

So, thanks Big Guy! I love you! When you need a break, please take it! I'll do my best to send you off with a warm hug and a smile.


  1. I move in dramatic slow mo a lot.

  2. I especially loved the white crew socks and sandals! The Big Guy will not be wearing that combo - ever.