Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes I Think We're Too Trashy Around The Farm

A Disclaimer:  In posting this I am not wanting to enter into some debate on Global Warming and such topics.  Really.  I am not.

Sometimes when I am hauling yet another bag out to our trash cans...  Or better yet, sometimes when I am yelling for one of my sons to come and haul yet another bag out to our trash cans...  I get a bit sad.  Well, maybe disgusted is more the word for which I'm looking.

We recycle an overwhelming majority of our paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, etc. We compost an overwhelming majority of our veggie and fruit scraps.  We do most all our cleaning with clothes and not paper.

We still have trash.  Lots of it, it seems to me.  (Yes, I know there are 7 of us living here.  It still seems like a lot of trash even under these circumstances.)

I'm not prepared to go to the lengths of the family in this video.  I don't think human trash will lead to the utlimate destruction of our planet and life as we know it.  But I can't see how it couldn't be a good thing for everyone, including this earth God has given us, for our family to use and throw way less.

The family has gotten me thinking.  Check out the video and some of their ideas on the website.  They are pretty inspiring.  Their first line of defense is rather shocking:  Refuse!  They simply refuse to bring things into their home.  Wow!  How simple and yet, how revolutionary.

Don't worry Big Guy and Young'uns...I'm still very partial to toilet paper.  I won't go THAT far.


  1. Hurray!! You're back! We've missed you- Love, Aunt Mary

  2. Shrinking the video: go back to (design) then (edit). Select the post. View html code. Change the digits that articulate the box dimensions. Replace the three-digit codes you see there. Try 325 and 515. Or use smaller numbers if you don't like those. Hugs, m

  3. Thanks Melissa! I can't believe I actually got it to work. Now I can tell my kids I learned something today.

    Aunt Mary - you are very kind! :)