Friday, August 13, 2010

Frivolous Friday: The 14 Days of Homeschooling

A few years ago, I had a role in helping put together our homeschool group's (Green Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers...say that three times fast) annual Kick Off Meeting.  You know how sometimes those types of meetings can get a bit...I'll just say it...boring?  I mean I know they're necessary and good, but can't we have a little fun while we're at it?

So, we organized a bit of entertainment to end the evening.  It was titled the "Fourteen Days of Homeschooling."  FYI - the lyrics were not all written by me.  I found them online in several places and then tweaked them a bit.  Aren't all the gals who volunteered to perform great?  What a suprise to see which ladies stepped up.  It's always a good thing to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

Little did I know, there would be a video camera in the audience and said video would be posted to YouTube! 

So, if you're a homeschooling mom right smack in the middle of schooling planning - watch and give yourself a break.  If you're not a homeschooling mom - watch anyway.  It's pretty funny!

I'd forgotten all about this night.  Thanks Julie for reminding me!

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