Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on the Gals

Sorry to have left you hanging about the chickens!  It's been a crazy couple of days here on the Farm.  Lots of the usual - cooking, cleaning, laundering, playing, hugging and bathing, plus a bit of chauffeuring children, Mary Poppins watching and, big news...painting at the new church.  Yes, Emmanuel Church will meet in it's new location tomorrow morning.  Praise God!

Now you see why I haven't sat down at the computer...

The Gals appear to be fine!  Yeah!  So far, so good.  We've only gotten one egg in the past two days, but that's be expected I would think when a chicken has had a brush with death.  At least I know laying eggs would be the last thing on my mind in such a situation.

On Friday morning, it was raining pretty good (again!) but all of the ladies made an appearance under and outside of the coop.  As the sun came out, they all got braver and made the rounds of the chicken yard.  They are moving a little slower, it seems to me, and look pretty bedraggled due to all the missing feathers. But they are still alive and kicking and for that we're very grateful!

We did have a few scares on Friday, but there were just false alarms which actually turned out to be pretty funny.  Every so often during the day, one of us would look over in the direction of the chickens and notice one laying prostrate (a very un-chicken like position) on the grass.  Naturally, we thought the poor Gal had succumb to her injuries and gone to the big Coop in the Sky.  This was not the case.

If we walked out close to the chicken yard or just watched for a couple of minutes, the chicken would pop back up and start doing her thing.  It was a bit humorous to watch. Guess they just needed to take a little rest.

We had a couple of extra 9 year old boys here on Friday.  They had been told about the drama of the night before and had surveyed the blood and gore as soon as they had arrived.  The possibility that Farmer Ron might have to help one of the Gals out of her misery was dangling in front of them all afternoon.  Needless to say, they watched the chickens quite closely. 

A couple of times when the boys looked over and saw one the Gals playing possum on the ground, they all went running to the garage for the shovels...thinking there was going to be a chicken funeral.  They were happy, but also a bit disappointed when the spunky Gal jumped back up.  I love boys!

We don't really have anything to compare our chickens to, but it seems we've got some pretty tough birds here on the Little Farm.

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