Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "Farm"

So, we don't really live on a farm.

We've just been very blessed with a normal in the city house that happens to have 12 empty lots adjacent to it. The four lots connected to our house lot make up our "farm." (From here on out, I am not going to use the quotes in case they are starting to annoy you.)

My husband, Ron at This Little Plot, has always wanted to be a farmer. He used to watch "Little House on the Prairie" reruns in college, but that is just between us. OK? Anyway, as soon as the snow started melting our first spring in our house, he started making plans for the garden. As the years have passed and we have more mouths to feed, more hands to make the work light and more interest in what we are eating and from whence it comes, the garden has increased in size, productivity and fun!

My main tasks in regards to the garden are helping decide what to plant, some occasional weeding, some harvesting and LOTS of preserving that harvest. I've learn to can and LOVE it! Since last September, I've only had to buy a few jars/cans of tomato products. What fun to sit down at the table and know you are eating something you grew last July!

So, we don't actually live on a farm, but we are doing the best we can to pretend that we are.
(Did I mention we had chickens? More on that later...)

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